Mementomori was founded in 2010 by Mr. Jang Taejin and Mr. Lee Chulseung due to the lack of stylish quality neckwear on the market. Overwhelmed by the onslaught of shoddy neckties in unimaginative materials, the founders sought to create their own version of the ubiquitous men’s accessory that they themselves would like to wear. Inspired by the elegance of classic cinema as seen in Fellini’s “8½” or Robert Redford as “Great Gatsby”, Memento Mori’s necktie offering is a celebration of texture, pattern and colour that juxtaposes sobriety with whimsy to marvelous effect. Aside from sourcing the highest quality silks from Como, Memento Mori also works closely with a local South Korean silk weaver to produce exclusive designs and qualities of necktie fabrics that cannot be found elsewhere.

Handcrafted to exacting standards with the finest materials and trimmings, all Memento Mori neckties are carefully hand-slipped around natural interlinings to ensure they knot and wear beautifully, and shed inevitable wrinkles from a day’s wear quickly. Our personal favourite are Memento Mori’s untipped three-fold ties with hand-rolled edges (sfoderato) which wear like a foulard – soft, airy and lively.

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