Sartoria Formosa

The story of Sartoria Formosa begins with Mario Formosa who dreamed as a boy to become a tailor. After apprenticing for a prominent Neapolitan tailor for a number of years, it was in 1962 that he established his own sartoria in via Cavallerizza a Chiaia, where it still stands today. Quickly establishing a legendary reputation for his talent and his eye for proportion and balance that informed his freehand drafting of every single lapel, Formosa soon earned a following that read like a “who’s-who” of prominent Neapolitan noblemen and gentlemen who sought his rendition of classic Neapolitan style. The style is characterised by extended shoulders, large sleeveheads, chest and back drape which taper gracefully into the waist and near-fitting skirt. The overall silhouette is masculine and sensual while retaining immense comfort that makes a Formosa suit wear much like a favourite sweater.

Although Mario has since passed on, his son Gennaro continues the family tradition today, creating suits that feature the same fine handwork, soft construction, elegant curves, and grace that Mario espoused. Gennaro has also since ventured into ready-to-wear that is unique in that it is handmade to the same specifications of the sartoria’s bespoke offering. Prologue is proud to offer our own selection of ready-to-wear and made-to-measure Sartoria Formosa suits and sport jackets year-round.

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