YANKO comes from a storied lineage of master shoemakers from the Spanish island of Mallorca. Founded by José Albaladejo Pujadas in 1961, YANKO quickly grew to become one of the most prestigious footwear companies in Europe producing over a million pairs of shoes a year. However due to poor production planning and company management, YANKO suffered financial difficulties in the 90s from plummeting demand for luxury shoes and entered a period of uncertainty about its future. Come 2007, the brand was relaunched by Mr. Antonio Llobera who has since revived the brand. Recognising the value of “Made in Spain”, all of YANKO’s production remains in Mallorca with 100% Goodyear Welt construction and the implementation of strict and thorough quality controls in every stage of production. The shoes from Yanko now draw on five decades of experience using the traditional Goodyear Welt and leathers from the world’s best tanneries such as Charles F. Stead, Annonay and Du Puy. Always in pursuit of perfection and good taste, YANKO shoes are handcrafted on elegant lasts by skilled craftsmen and immaculately finished to the highest standards that are up to par with some of the best English shoemakers.

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