Zonkey Boot

Zonkey Boot, the brand, was founded in 2010, by the couple Alexandra Diaconu and Michael Rollig, and has its headquarters in their hometown, Vienna, Austria.

As a high-end men’s shoe brand, Zonkey Boot aims for the highest achievable qualities in craft, skills, engineering, materials and design.

Zonkey Boot shows a minimum of decoration and the maximum of shape and form. The utmost attention is paid to the lasts and materials. The recipe may seem simple but, nevertheless, these ingredients need expert craftsmanship to give an outstanding shoe.

Zonkey Boot shoes pass through the hands of more than 60 workers. Some of them have been in the industry for 40-50 years now while others are younger. This combined experience sums up to quite a few hundreds of years of shoemaking altogether which can be seen and experienced while adorning one's feet with Zonkey Boot.

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